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Patti Selikoff grew up on a wheat farm in Kansas as a fourth generation farmer where she learned the importance of hard work in the fields and being part of the community through her strong 4-H roots. She graduated salutatorian of her class and went to Kansas State University and double majored in Textile Chemistry and Biochemistry in just four years while working 30 hours a week to put herself through college. From there she wanted to merge her fields together and attended Cornell University for her Master of Science in Fiber Science while working part-time giving her a personal understanding of the difficulty of having little, but nonetheless achieving great things.

After completing grad school, she moved to New Jersey in 2006 and started her career with International Flavors and Fragrances and eventually ended up working for New York City Transit for 10 years in the quality management department for Capital Project Management (CPM). She was involved from the beginning stages of developing projects that went to bid to the completion of those projects. She has become very knowledgeable with the inner workings of how a city plans, bids and builds projects.

She has recently left New York City Transit to open her own Quality Management Firm, Qualsurity, and start her family of three young children, who have all been raised in Bridgewater Township and attend the local Adamsville Elementary School.

Selikoff is the president of the MOMS Club of Bridgewater Central-East where moms offer other moms support through a variety of activities such as play dates, moms night out, Halloween Trunk or Treat, Thanksgiving dinner, Chinese New Year celebration, Easter Egg hunt, etc. She also helped the club organize several charity opportunities such as collecting toys for Father Ron’s “Angel Tree” Toy drive at the St. John’s Episcopal Church in Somerville and raising money for a local family “Izzy’s Infantry” by pairing up with Gabriel’s Fountain in an Ice Cream for Breakfast event. Through these activities she has helped her local community to grow and also assist those less fortunate while supporting local business to find ways to give back to the community.

Finally, she is a long-time member of Daughter of the American Revolution (DAR) with her great-great-great Uncle, Levi Coffin, a past family member she admires. He was the president of the underground railroad and his history has taught her that one person can make big changes. She has also learned the importance of documenting and preserving the past and believes in protecting open spaces and historical important buildings as something to be passed onto the next generations.

As the town council candidate for Bridgewater Township, Selikoff draws on Transit background to bring smart development and help address and resolve local issues facing our community. Selikoff’s candidacy also offers township residents a unique opportunity to ensure that young family values and needs are considered in governance of our town.

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